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Tuition & Fee Information



The tuition is for the 9.5 month school year (Mid-August - May).  The monthly payments are for your convenience and are divided equally between 10 full months.   The monthly payments are due on the first of each month.  Siblings enrolled at the same time receive a 10% discount on the younger child. Contact us for current tuition rates and fees.


Application Fee

This one-time fee is due for new students upon acceptance to the school and is non-refundable.

Materials Fee

The annual Materials Fee covers part of the costs of outside professional resources and consumable supplies and snacks in the classroom.

Kindergarten Fee

Our Kindergarten Fee covers the school t-shirt, parts of other consumable supplies for Kindergarten activities and most field trips.

Fees are due upon registration to hold your child’s spot and are nonrefundable.  Universal Preschool does not cover fees or any tuition over 15 hours. 

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